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On April 16th we had Unmarshal team over for an interesting AMA. We discussed a lot about development of the project and the team behind. This was one of the best AMA I ever hosted so far. The team was well prepared and answered all the questions in a very professional way.

Here you will have a recap of the AMA

AJ: I’m glad to have you guys here. Thank you for coming over to share your project and your ideas with us

Manohar: “Thanks for having us here. Happy to talk about unmarshal.”

AJ: ~ Manohar can you please introduce yourself and your team to us?

Manohar: “Sure. I am basically software engineer with more than 8 years of experience. I worked in some of major ride hailing firm in south east asia. Unmarshal is a team of friends who either studied together or worked together. Yogesh(CMO), Shiv(CTO) and I went to same university. We have close to 30 years of development experience”

AJ: ~ How did you get involved in crypto?

Manohar: “It started around 2018. One of my friends and mentor started a multichain aggregation layer project. I started helping him as a consultant, later continued with consulting for 2–3 years.”

AJ: ~ How many people are currently working on $MARSH?

Manohar: “We have 12 people.”

AJ: That’s a big team. ~ Are you planning to hire more people as the project grows?

Manohar: “Yes, we want to be an engineering heavy team.”

AJ: ~ Any other specific fields except engineering?

Manohar: “Business developement and engineering for near future. we have amazing marketing team lead by @yogeshtym. We want to support 50 partners with out data by end of this quarter”

AJ: ~ Can you please introduce Unmarshal to us in few words.

Manohar: “Unmarshal’s technical meaning is to decode the raw & unstructured data into something meaningful. We are building a multichain data network, through which we want to provide an easier way to query block chain data.”

AJ: ~ Who are your partners at the moment? Any new partnership coming up soon or you would like to announce it now 🙂

Manohar: “We are building APIs for atleast 10 partners. some of them are project you’re familiar with. More updates in pipeline soon. Our target is to help at least 50 partners by end of this quarter. Our current partners are frontier, stafi, Pandora, Matic, Algorand and elrond.”

Questions from the Community

  • Question from @Cryptohunter0000

“Could you please tell us some products you have built for your project?”

Manohar: “We have indexed ETH, BSC, Polkadot and few more chains and currently provide APIs for wallet balances, transaction history and protocol positions etc. We recently launched our product suit for Binance smart chain.”

  • Question from @Shaffeem

“Please explain ‘Unmarshal’ in layman’s terms.”

Manohar: “Unmarshal == decode the raw & unstructured data into something meaningful. Think of it as more accessible form of blockchain, your wallets need to read blockchain about how many tokens your address has. Its tough to ask this question directly to blockchain but Unmarshal will help answer it.

  • Question from @shaffeem

“Unmarshal is ‘for developers, by developers’, what benefits are their for retail investors to hold MARSH tokens?”

Manohar: “They clients will be developers. But Retails investors can become service providers by being indexers, decoders, validators and delegators.

  • Question from @mimoho

“How do you get information from different blockchains? How up-to-date is it over time? Do you have your own oracles?”

Manohar: “We listen to every block, every transaction being written to blockchain and then store the complete information such as transaction, log etc into database. We don’t have our own data oracle but we will be partnering with the major oracle provider to serve data to smart contracts”

  • Question from @dworker1

“What is the strength of your project in a decentralized future? Will mass availability of data flip the market once again?”

Manohar: “As the adoption of blockchains grow, the data also grow. People will need tools link Unmarshal more and more. Our strength is we are engineering heavy team who has experience solving these problems in our previous jobs.”

  • Question from @booomer123

“Since you are obviously focusing around B2B solutions, have you thought about easier accessibility to buy MARSH for the clients, especially in the current situation — only UNI and Gate.io — e.g. OTC, new CEX etc.?”

Manohar: “ We have started talking to 3 major centralized exchanges to list MARSH. So expect some major news in coming week.”

  • Question from @booomer123

“How is current developing process regarding the “automated Indexing” going so far? Any update you can share with us yet?”

Manohar: “We actually building it as we speak. we are working on pancakeswap APIs. So you can probably build something like Subgraph, without actually coding it.”

  • Question from @MKV6666

“When do you expect for projects on ETH or BSC to be able to use your product? Can devs already use your recently released SDK for BSC?”

Manohar: “Yes. projects are actually using our products. Frontier App’s BSC module is completely supported by unmarshal.”

  • Question from @tuntun112

“Security and privacy are the top criteria of an The Operating System for projects . What is the security mode you made”

Manohar: “If you are using frontier, you’re already using unmarshal, privacy may not apply to us a lot as we are indexing the publicly available data. But security, we take at most care. Our services are well protected”

  • Question from @mabroxxx

“Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?”

Manohar: “We are a public team. and you have seen our profiles and fast experience. We came in as product first apprach so that we have something to show before we go out to market. Most of Layer 1 chains trust us to do our work.”

  • Question from @ivankoname

“You have an API to get all the NFTs of a particular address. Is this already in use somewhere now?”

Manohar: “At least 3 clients are currently testing for feasible integration, we announced one today. Few more to follow soon, they may be one of your favorite projects.”

  • Question from @nolomer

“The vision of Unmarshal is to become a blockchain search engine just like Google. So, does that means anyone can have access on Unmarshal and we can easily find any information just by searching on Unmarshal?”

Manohar: “Yes. Data has to be made available for everyone to use, we are currently helping applications you use. We are also working on projects that can be directly benefit to end users as well.”

  • Question from @ildan_tg

“Manohar, how can “regular” users get an API key to use your service? How do you like the idea that users need to stake a certain amount of tokens to get a key? This would create buy pressure and price appreciation”

Manohar: “We are working on a web portal to do this. but until then, We actually talk to each and understand their requirements. We are following this until we identify automated work flow. I believe we can only automate processes once we are familiar with them.”

  • Question from @lakuda

“What are the requirements to become a Node Operator and Indexer on the Unmarshal Network? Are they benefits? Who can decide who should run validator nodes?”

Manohar: “We will do this in few steps. Running nodes require some technical skills. so the selected community will decide whom to add and who to remove. but it will be a finite set of community. Benefits will be the query fee paid by clients will be shared between node runner, validator and other participants in a ratio.”

  • Question from @xtratoppings

“Aside from DeFi, what areas of crypto will benefit the most from using Unmarshal’s services?”

Manohar: “We focused on DeFi because it’s currently biggest use case and also provides us the flexibility to identify few business entities out of raw blockchain data. But unmarshal can be used by anyone who want to query blockchain.”

— — — —

AJ: ~ Everyone wants to know about your short-term/long-term Marketing Plans. Can you share with us?

Manohar: “We want to make unmarshal reach to as many people as possible. AMAs are one of the great tools to do it, we will keep spreading word about unmarshal. In long term we will be conducting hackathons and proving data for free to projects that can power this space.”

This was a recap of the AMA with Unmarshal. We tried to focus as much as we can on technical since Umarshal focused on decoding the raw data. I hope you enjoyed it.

  • There were 10 Questions asked from AJ and 14 Questions asked from the community.

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MultiChain Apes are focused on BSC, KCC, MATIC & ERC

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