Turus Network AMA with Smart Chain Apes


On April 16th we had Turus Network team over for an interesting AMA. We discussed a lot about development of the project and the team behind. Soon they’re having a pre-sale so they explained the tokenomics and their goals for the future.

Here you will have a recap of the AMA

AJ: ~ Can you please introduce your project and your team to us? How many people are in the team at the moment?

Turus: “Turus is a depleting supply token. TRS the underlying token powering the Turus network will be used as a GOVERNANCE token for a decentralized autonomous organization(Dao). We are currently an anon team of 4 persons and growing, from Singapore”

AJ: ~ What is your background? How did you get involved in crypto?

Turus: “I got into crypto in 2015,a friend of mine in school, a roomy actually introduced me to bitcoin and from there, my journey in crypto began. It’s been a smooth one since then actually. I studied computer engineering at the national university of Singapore and also has a masters degree in digital currencies which I took at the university of Nicosia,Cyprus”

AJ: ~Did you guys work together before? Or this is your first project together?

Turus: “I have done some development works as a dev on a few projects just in the background so I would say this is officially my first project. For my friend, this is our first work together too.”

AJ: ~ Good luck to you guys! Is the team from the same area? Same time zone?

Turus: “My friend is currently in the UK, so it’s a different time zone.”

AJ: ~ Are you planning to hire more people as the project grows?

Turus: “Y es definitely, as the project expands we are looking to getting more capable hands on deck to help with what we are trying to create. There’s a lot of work to be done, so we would be needing a lot of hands as we expand.”

AJ: ~ I see you contract is audited, is the team doxxed with the audit company?

Turus: “Yes we are doxxed with the auditing company, Quillaudits. We sent them a lot of personal information during the process.

Link: Turus Audit

AJ: ~ Shill us your project in few words. What makes $TURUS different from other Defi projects?

Turus: “So basically our project has two core functions.
Instant split: where 2% of every transaction carried out is distributed to holders of TRS thereby increasing their stake.
And Burn fee, where 2% of transactions is taken out and burnt thereby reducing supply.
We will also be integrating NFT’s as seen on our roadmap and are already in talks with a few NFT artists in the space for partnerships.”

AJ: ~ Why did you pick BSC instead of ERC?

Turus: “Bsc is the new ish and what we are trying to achieve will be smoother leveraging on the binance smart chain. Also putting into perspective the growing gas fee rates, we knew it would be better to utilize bsc also.”

AJ: ~ You said earlier Quill Audited your contract. Any plans in the future for another audition?

Turus: “Yes moving forward, there will new audits in the near future.”

AJ: ~ Do you have any partnership with other Defi project at the moment?

Turus: “For now no, but if need be we will would definitely make that happen. There sure will be partnerships moving forward especially as we are looking at integrating NFT and DAO features.”

AJ: ~ Explain to us the tokenomics behind Turus? What are the public sale requirements since the private sale is closed.

Turus: “We have a total supply of 50million tokens of which 35million will be in circulation initially. The remaining tokens will be vested and released periodically. We have 20million tokens for presale. And are looking at conducting presale in two stages.”

AJ: ~ How $TRS holders will benefit in long term?

Turus: “Aside increasing of stake through the auto 2% fee redistribution when the DAO platform is live, holders will get to make decisions and profits from those decisions will be distributed among holders. There will be so many other benefits including what we intend to achieve with our NFT platform too”

AJ: ~ Are you talking to any CEX about listing $TRS?

Turus: “Yes,I have a connect at hotbit. So hopefully we will get it there as soon as possible. There will be bigger cex listings moving forward”

AJ: ~ We will see a NFT marketplace on Turus platform anytime soon?

Turus: “Yes definitely, we are in talks with artists and in this space we understand the faster you move the better so we won’t waste time rolling that out.”

AJ: ~ What should we expect in the future from TURUS? Long term goals, Q3-Q4

Turus: “Big partnerships, big milestones reached and we promise we would make sure the roadmap is respected.”

AJ: ~ How are you handling marketing? What is your marketing strategy?

Turus: “I will be very honest with you, we are in talks with some of the biggest players in the game. Before and after listing, we expect to see stunning growth from talks we are having.”

AJ: ~ How will ensure stability of $TRS in long term?

Turus: Making sure we hit and achieve all milestones and set targets. Usually if we deliver on what we have outlined the rest will take care of itself, in the end, good service prevails and that will spell stability.”

Questions from the Community

  • Question from @mimoho

“Is this going to be a democratic DAO or what do you want?”

Turus: “Yes a demo DAO.”

  • Question from @crypt0_ape

“Are you going to have any in house NFT artists?”

Turus: “Yes, we are currently in talks with a few for partnerships and details will be released as soon as an agreement is made.”

  • Question from @chetut

“Will your NFTs have a utility function or is it just for fun and speculation?”

Turus: “Yes we would have a utility function, basically holders of TRS get exclusive NFT’s by auction sales and also by STAKING TRS get rewards they can use to redeem cards. We hope to build an A NFT library too.”

  • Question from @mimoho

“What would you like from the community right now? Does your team need new people?”

Turus: “Yes we need people, we need you all to follow our development by joining us so we build and grow together.”

  • Question @mimoho

“What is your fundamental difference from other similar projects at the BSC? If you had to name your greatest strength as a thesis statement, what would you say?”

Turus: “Most of this guys just make promises. We have already started work on our dao platform and are almost there, it is currently being tested. We promise honesty.”

  • Question from @Aniruddh24

“Deadline to submit private sale, public sale start and end date (how much raising), and listing time. And, tokens from private and public will be unlocked at listing?”

Turus: “The private sale application is closed for now and contributions are being made currently. After the private sale is concluded, a date will be set for the public sale. And yes tokens will be unlocked at listing.”

  • Question from @crypt0lover

“ What marketing strategy are you planning to do to attract a lot of investor in this project”

Turus: “Thank you, just like I outlined earlier we are in talks with very cool crypto heads and also with partnerships we are working on, we expect to see good growth.with partnership also comes growth..”

  • Question from @mimoho

“I have a technical question. Tell about your backend and frontend if you can. In technical terms, what will be the DAO? What programming languages and technologies will be behind it?”

Turus: “All our smart contracts are written in solidity.”

AJ: Turus Team, Thank you for joining us today. We won’t take any more time from you. I think it went well overall

We wish you all the best on your launch!

Thank you for being part of this AMA guys. Stay tuned for the updates on Turus Network by following them on:




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