Slothi Token AMA with Multi Chain Apes

Hello and thank you to all of our community members who are joining us for this AMA with Slothi Team!

AJ: We’re honored to have you here. May we start?

Bebbel: “Sure, thanks for having us =)”

AJ: Okay, so Bebbel and Leonard will be here from Slothi Team.

~ Can you please introduce yourself guys? What is your background? When did you start crypto and for how long you know the rest of team?

Bebbel: “Yes sure would love to.

My name is André, I was born and raised in Switzerland where I still live. I did several educations such as a commercial and car mechanic apprenticeship, I spent all in all over 2 years in California working for a green transportation business. Next to many experiences in different business sectors. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and started a master program in environment and natural resources. I love to play the piano and im just addicted to sports.”

Leonard: “My name is Leonard, I live in Denmark and I’m studying electrical engineering. I’m one of the developers of the project. I have been programming in my free time since I was 13 and always trying to improve my skills. I have experience with programming microchips to software running on servers in various languages.

The first time I encountered crypto is when I needed to buy a server anonymously to torrent movies and tv shows.”

Bebbel: “Hmm when did i get into Crypto…
I think it was back when I did my Erasmus exchange program in Finland. I needed a VPN to be able to watch Swiss TV. I had to pay with Bitcoin, which was about 200 USD at that time… so yes at this time”

AJ: ~ How many people are part of the team at the moment? Are you looking to hire more people as the project grows?

Bebbel: “The team has been growing steadily for the last 6–8 months. At the beginning of May the implementation of the project was fixed. The launch was about 1 month later. Slothi Token is now 17 days old.

At the moment we are 11 people who are putting full effort the project. Of course, additionally we enjoy some very good partnerships.

As the project grows, so does the need for employees. For example, you can now apply on our website to be a moderator for one of our national or international Telegram groups”

AJ: ~ Is this your first project together? Is the team located in the same time zone?

Bebbel: “Yes it is our first project together. We don’t want to run several projects at the same time as we believe we need full concentration. Also because we fully believe in the success of Slothi. 🦥

The team consists of a majority of Swiss and Germans, who all live in the same time zone. Recently, we were able to enlarge our team with Americans. We also have excellent cooperation with a Chinese team which is amazing”

AJ: ~ Are you guys privately doxxed to any company?

Bebbel: “In conjunction with our launch, our token developer underwent a KYC. Furthermore, some faces and names are already known like mine.

In the context that we want to be transparent, we are planning the process for a publication of our personalities in the context of a legal form.”

AJ: ~ Can you give us a brief description of what exactly is your project? What is Slothi Token?

Bebbel: “Every day we learn that many projects on Binance Smart Chain turn out to be fake, a scam, or are driven by criminal activities. Impostors are stealing funds and brazenly spreading uncertainty among investors. It is obvious that security and trust are missing in the BSC system.

Furthermore, the main background of several crypto token launches is to reach selfish and short-term financial goals which mostly end up in losses and project failures after a very short time.

We all had enough of it and decided to do something against it. For many people, trust is a foreign word and is abused. For the community, however, this self-evident need for honesty, transparency and openness is a core value and should be placed above everything else. Together with combined forces, the team and its followers have set themselves the necessary goals to combine trust and success. In this way, the Slothi team that will be responsible for the sustainable and secured implementation of the wishes of the community has been born and Slothi token as a value representing product has been developed.

more coming :)

With buying Slothi’s Token and its connected tokenomics system, investors get the possibility to have a sustainable unique product. As a holder you have the right to vote to enlarge Slothi´s network and products. Whether it is in the social, ecological, technical, economic area or like the existing sniper bot, whatever you desire…, we check –research — plan — calculate — develop — test — and implement a sustainable and secure solution.

Certainly, the self-evident need of honesty, sustainability, transparency and openness is a core value and should be placed above everything else. This and the fact we like user to hold SLTH Token to be able to use the products give Slothi the direction, to be entirely successful and to show that the BSC is capable of satisfying absolutely all wishes. With this background and for this purpose, Slothi is present.”

Señor: How do you guys match up against other sniping bots currently available on BSC?

Leonard: “So currently we just have released V1. I think its fairly competitive in some cases. The problem with the bot is that it needs to be available to the general public and not just the rich people. There are some bots on bsc, that send multiple transactions pr second when they try to snipe. We cant compete with this, since the normal user just doesn’t have the funds or technical skill to start a bot like this. However these bots just snipe the big listings. For normal listings where we dont compete against super rich snipers, the bot is competetive. With the next update we will make some improvements when you have your own node, but in the end there are a lot of factors that play in. We are optimising the factors we can control as much as possible, but we cant change the location of a user or their internet connection and hardware.

So a tl:dr, compared to other bots for “normal” users its competetive, however there are some big players you just cant compete with, but its just very specific coins they snipe.”

AJ: ~ For how long Slothi Token has been around

Bebbel: “We launched sunday June 6th so very young but already 17 days old.”

AJ: ~ How many projects do you have on slothi at the moment? Can you talk a bit more in details about these projects?

Bebbel: “At this early stage we offer a Slothi Sniper bot. Of course, it is audited by Solid Group and offers the highest security.

Just again, the bot allows to make super fast purchase transactions. Especially with new launching tokens, it can create a significant advantage for the buyer. Every Solthi holder, who holds at least 1 BNB in tokens, has the possibility to use the bot without any further costs.

more details:

We also offer the Slothi widget for mobile phones. It shows the most important data of the token and its changes on the market. Its available for Android and iOS

AJ: ~So you were Audited by Solid? When was the audit? Any other audition anytime soon from another company?

Sometimes it’s better if you have more than one audit imo.

Bebbel: “Yes we were already extensively audited by Solid Group right before the launch. In our case it was very important to show people that security is a core value of Slothi. The result and our opinion on it can be seen on our website.

Leonard: “We trust in Solid group, but its a possibility in the future. However our contract is similar to a lot of other contracts, that have been audited by other companies and we are always making sure to keep updated on this in case there is found an exploit.”

AJ: ~ Where are you guys listed at the moment? CG? CMC? Coinsniper??

I’ve seen you have a very active community…

Bebbel: “Because we are still young, we are unfortunately “only” listed on Coingecko and on various marketing sites yes, actually we are just having the coinsniper “TAKEOVER” so our already big community is pushing since yesterday and we just made it to the top ten, which is awesome. However, we are already discussing the next steps as soon as we are listed on Coinmarketcap.

Our team just decided to push the marketing as hard as possible. connected to the present market situation in our view you cant invest enough in marketing.

So we actually raised the budget to over 100 bnb! the upcoming actions are the following”

AJ: ~ How are you planning to stay competitive in the market?

Bebbel: “Many projects set a big goal and insist on achieving it. But the BSC is an extremely fast-moving network and requires flexible and 100% customer-oriented offers.

This is exactly where we see our strength. We only want to implement what is really needed. To do this, we need a large community that reveals its needs to us. We offer an efficient and flexible team that guarantees a sustainable and secure implementation of large and small projects.

Besides that new coins are going to come out there going to five and 10 X but they’ll be gone in a week. Our large and powerful team and the planning are going to allow us to be here when most coins are just a memor.”

AJ: ~ Everyone wants to know about your short-term Marketing Plans. Can you share with us your marketing strategy?

Bebbel: “Connected to our >100bnb budget at the moment, and the fantastic collaboration with our China partners there are big activities coming

- Brian Jung is a professional youtube promoter is just about to finish a 15min promo video about Slothi

- we are about to prepare a GIF-Competition and an Airdrop party

- and we are preparing another huge China package which will be HUGE!

AJ: Is there anything else you would like to add before we end the AMA?

Bebbel: “It was a pleasure and we were grateful to have this opportunity here with you! i hope you guys enjoyed and feel free to join us anytime!”

Leonard: “If you have more questions or some great ideas, you are always welcome to join our telegram group so we can discuss it.”

AJ: I’ll keep an eye on Slothi. I’m holding a bit, might get some more now

Have a great day guys!

Questions from the Community

  • Question from James

“When is V2 coming out?”

Leonard: “We are working hard on it right now. V1 was mostly just a bot that works for sniping and does the basics of what it’s supposed to do, so look at it more like a beta release. With version 2 we are using the problems the users had with version 1 and are trying to make it more user friendly while also adding all the functionality we originally wanted it to have, but disabled since we didn’t have time to test it fully. So at this moment we don’t want give an exact date, since we don’t want to be pressured into releasing something that’s not up to our standard, especially since we felt we had to rush the release of v1 a bit, since we gave out an release date too early.”

  • Question from sword

“Will there be any other development layouts in addition to improving sniper robots, such as ecology or something like that?”

Bebbel: “Because we are a community-driven project, the community should decide what the current needs are. Thereby we try to be boundless so whether it can be in the social, ecological, technical or economic area

It starts with the possible submission of ideas, suggestions or defined proposals. this is done through our website or on our email, so everyone can participate:

Of course, our team also works out and deals with possible further steps for Slothi. Subsequently, all topics are discussed and a sustainable and safe feasibility is checked.

The team then presents the possibilities to the community. At the same time every Slothi holder with a holding in SLTH >= USD 250 has the right to vote on our website.”

  • Question from @tantuyilu

“Whether the project side will consider using 4% of the working capital to achieve a certain target to consider repurchase destruction to accelerate the burning of the amount of coins”

Bebbel: “We are considering such an option. In general, we believe that the LP which is allocated for Slothi (50% SLTH tokens), can be used more efficiently than burning them. e.g., Airdrops, Events, Competition or paying Influencers.

I have to add, that this would be an option in a voting. so if a majority wants to burn — we burn!”

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