Ethbox AMA with MultiChain Apes

On Saturday, May 22nd we had over our telegram server the ethbox team:

  • Lukas S.
  • Luke P.
  • Paul S.

The ethbox team was very prepared for the AMA with the community and they answered every question we had. Ethbox is an escrow service specializing in security, privacy & effectiveness for the OTC cryptocurrency market.

AJ: Hello and thank you to all of our community members who are joining us for this AMA with ethbox!

We’re glad to have you here. May we start?

Paul S: “Ready when you are! 👌”

Luke P: “Hi, everybody — hope you’re all doing good :)”

AJ: ~ Can you guys please introduce yourself? What is your background?

Lukas S: “Hello guys, I will start right away. My name is Lukas Schiefer, I’m 31 years old and come from Austria. Lukas, Paul and I have known each other for ~ 15 years and since then we have been working together on all kinds of projects and combining our skills together.”

Paul S: “Simply put, we’re a band of brothers that has been growing together ever since, having known each other & been best friends for half our lives. Lukas & Lukas come from a strong crypto enthusiast background, having been there shortly after it all came to life, participating in the first ICOs and tirelessly learning & exploring in the crypto space.

Me, personally — I’m also 31 years old, and I’ve been engineering, developing and creating all kinds of technical things, from electronics to motorcycle engines and computer programs for pretty much all my life. I’ve been freelancing both together with others and as a lone wolf in many diverse fields of activity, and now I’ve come to condense all my IT expertise (of all things I do, that’s the one field I’m best-versed in) together with Lukas & Lukas in this awesome idea we’re realizing with ethbox. :))”

Luke P: “All three of us got various experiences in very different spaces , but we know each other very well. Synergies are amazing because we act like brothers, same kind of connection but with an amazing power behind.

Short story about myself: I got my background in various fields in chemical engineering and quality management.”

AJ: ~ So this is not your first project together, right?

Paul S: “Not at all, we’ve been on and off working on all kinds of things together (sometimes just any 2 of us, sometimes all 3) for, yeah, half our lives basically, hahah :)

But this is the one biggest big thing we’ve been bringing to life so far, definitely!”

AJ: ~ Are you guys located in the same time zone?

Paul S: “Yep, we’re all based in Austria, been living there for most our lives & currently also doing so, it’s a nice place to be! :3”

AJ: ~ Are you guys planning to expand the team anytime soon? In few words, are you guys hiring? lol

Paul S: “Nice “coincidence” there, because we’re actually pretty much in the middle of doing that right now! :))

We had a member of our community, Fredo (@FredoCorleone) step up all by himself and start tearing apart the website I had made (in the best way possible), directly suggesting improvements & fixes all by himself… He’s now our first official developer & the one behind our new website (check it out at, which we launched yesterday! 👌

So yeah, definitely — We’ll be onboarding members of our community first and foremost, and if we find everyone we need within our community, we’ll be leaving it like that. Personally, I’m very confident we won’t even need to reach out to others outside of our community.”

AJ: So, you hired Fredo from the ethbox community?

Paul S: “Can’t really call it “hired” because we’re not actually “hiring”, we do freelancing contracts, but yeah!”

Lukas S: “Right now ethbox offers 3 different services:

1) Safe sending — you can never lose your funds while using ethbox

2) OTC — You can send &request funds — and are safe against getting scammed from the other partie

3) Adding privacy to your transaction — which could be very useful for pool-groups where tracking wallet got kind of a hobby or anyone else wanting to add some privacy and hidig your private wallet

ethbox in its basic concept is a blockchain-based escrow service. This means that instead of sending funds directly from A to B, people send their transactions through ethbox, so that they can benefit from the huge increase in safety we’re offering.”

Luke P: “Feel free to leave some feedback on TG or twitter! We would love to read your opinions regarding new webdesign / UI 🤝”

AJ: ~ Is your smart contract audited by anyone?

Paul S: “Yes, definitely — We had both our Testnet contract and our EBOX ERC-20 token contract audited by our security partners at CertiK Foundation! :)

Audit reports can be viewed here:

Our Testnet smart contract isn’t open-source for now, just in case anyone wonders. We’re doing that entirely to deter copycat activity, and obviously we’ll be publishing it shortly before or at Mainnet launch.”

AJ: ~ When should we expect the mainnet launch?

Paul S: “We announced it for Q2 2021, won’t go into any further detail there — Stay tuned & stick around, and you’ll see in due time, especially since there’s just a little over 1 month before we’re through with Q2!”

AJ: ~ You started out as a project on Ethereum, but now you’ve added BSC for your token as well. Is it difficult to maintain the token on two different blockchains? Is Ethereum still the main blockchain for the project?

Paul S: “Main blockchain” totally depends on what people make of it — There is no difference or advantage in using ethbox on some chain or another, except from obviously saving on network fees, which is the main reason why people are switching to BSC over from Ethereum. Of course, there’s also things that weigh heavily in favor of Ethereum, so it’s totally a matter of individual preference there. :)

As for maintaining the token: No, not at all, that almost goes without saying. Due to a “peculiarity” of the Ethereum blockchain (also applies to BSC, as it’s compatible = kinda does the same thing), we got the exact same EBOX token contract address on BSC as on Ethereum, so there’s not even room for confusion there. 😂👌

People can bridge their EBOX tokens from Ethereum to BSC and back super-easily through DuckBridge at — Shout-out to our partners & supporters at DuckDAO for helping us out there!”

AJ: ~ Are you guys listed in any cex at the moment? Do you have any plans to get listed in other centralized exchanges?

Luke P: “There are some negotiations in the background, but nothing concrete for now.

We are listed on Uniswap and Pancakeswap, as DEX listings were our main focus from the beginning.

There has been an unofficial listing by Bilaxy, but not in our charge or with approval.

It’s definitely one major milestone in the future, but not in priority before Mainnet release.”

AJ: ~ Can you give us a short summary about the Q2-Q3 roadmap? What’s in the pipeline? What should we expect the mainnet..

Paul S: “As for Q2, which is right now, I think we’ve already spoken this through in enough detail already. Our one biggest focus there is the Mainnet release of course, but there’s also some other things that we wanna wrap up together with that. Getting the Mainnet smart contract optimized for minimum gas fee will be a challenge that we’ll gladly tackle, and other than that, we really want to see what side-chain / layer 2 solutions such as Polkadot, Polygon / Matic etc have in store for us. 👌

As for Q3, all I can say is you’ll have to stay tuned for that… :)) We’ll be releasing a new roadmap for the time after Mainnet in due time, but as of now, we won’t be going into any detail there.”

AJ: ~ Who are your partners at the moment? Do you have any new partnerships coming up that you would like to share with us now?

Lukas S: “The partners starting from DuckDao, KVestor, and some different VC’s like VYSYN,aplifie

On the marketing side we partnered up with “Key difference Media” and “Market Across”

We reccently partnered with World Token and English Forward who really have both great plans and we are really looking forward to the corporation.

We are in talk with some other projects which you will here in the coming days and weeks :)”

AJ: ~ Everyone wants to know about your short-term Marketing Plans. Can you share with us your marketing strategy?

Luke P: “So the short term marketing plan is that we focus on signing sustainable partnerships. Lukas didn’t mention in his answer on the last question, but one short term marketing move (amazing partnership + adoption) will be revealed in the following week.

Our current target group regarding strategic partners can be found in the DAO or OTC area, where our privacy feature is definitely needed.”

Questions from the Community

  • Question from Don Guille

“This year, Cardano has schedule smartcontracts launched, with the ERC20 easy-contracts converter.

are you thinking about take this oportunity ? Ethbox can advance this options on her roadmap?”

Paul S: “Absolutely! Extending to any kind of blockchain that people are interested is part of our main goal — After all, we want to be able to provide our service to anyone anywhere. The new website that we just launched is a huge step towards that, given how we now have something that works on all browsers & all devices. 👌

Going along with the previous question, our one biggest goal is extending, reaching out as far as possible & tackling mainstream adoption, and we’ll be doing that with all means possible — Marketing, getting people all over the internet to know what we’re doing by organically engaging in the right places, and obviously providing the most functional, simple & straight-forward product we can come up with.”

  • Question from Slightly Awesome

“What are some of the features you would like to see implemented into ETHBox after Mainnet?”

Lukas S: “One feature i am very excited about is the payroll feature — i think that will give a lot of different new opportunities for ethbox to expand and some of our partners are really interested in it

But we got really great input from the community and we will update our roadmap with all the upcoming developments :)”

  • Question from Joshua

“As of now Ethbox is based off the Ethereum blockchain. Does this mean you can send only Ethereum or you can send any funds using Ethbox or is it limited to a set of cryptos?”

Paul S: “It was at the beginning, and we’ve already extended to BSC (Binance Smart Chain). If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out our Testnet Beta at! ✌️

So yeah, as of now, Ether & any ERC-20 token can be sent. NFTs are upcoming and will definitely be implemented before we get to Mainnet.”

  • Question from Gingerxn

“Please tell us more about your governance. How many tokens do people need to enter? What opportunities do participants have? How can they influence the development of the project?”

Lukas S: “We did our best to find a fair way how to give power to the community.

Basiclly you can be part of the vote by holding just one EBOX in your wallet at a specific time.

There will be different typ of votings like community voting or governance voting (for example we had a vote for our liq. provider bonus program)

We have designed a formula to give small and big holders of ethbox a fair voting power to ensure to get the best for the community.

We have a detailed medium article where you can find the process descirbed:

  • Question from Cryptonite56

Since recipients needs the right passphrase to access the funds in ETHBOX smart contract, is the pass-phrase stored on ETHBOX network? How does ETHBOX verify the validity of the passphrase to know it’s the right one?”

Paul S: “The passphrase you select when sending funds to someone is never transmitted across the internet in clear-text. It gets hashed locally in your browser before it gets sent to the smart contract.

Inside the smart contract, it gets hashed one more time, and stored there. When the recipient comes along to pick up his / her funds, again, the passphrase gets hashed and sent to the smart contract, where it is hashed once more, and then compared to the double-hash that was stored there when the sender initially deposited funds inside ethbox.

This is 100% unfallible smart contract logic — Once a smart contract can be considered safe (both us & the people at CertiK Foundation know very, very well what we’re doing), there’s nothing anyone can ever do to stop the smart contract from doing its thing.”

AJ: Guys thank you for joining us today and thank you for your time!




We wish you all the best and please don’t hesitate to share any updates with our group!

Paul S: “Thanks for having us over today! It was a pleasure being here!

We hope we managed to get you people interested in our project, feel free to join our Telegram channel at anytime & ask all the questions you always wanted to ask us! 👌”

Luke P: “Thank you for the refreshing question and answer session, and above all thank you for the incredible opportunity to introduce ourselves. We had a few other AMAs since February, but I have to say you guys clearly stand out.

Thank you for having us, if you liked what you heard about ethbox and want to dig deeper, check out the following links:

Have a nice weekend lovely people ❤️

AJ: I appreciate that Luke! It means a lot 🙌



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