Block Ape Scissors AMA with MultiChain Apes

Wednesday, June 30th we had over the team from $BAS for an AMA about their recently launched project. The team was very transparent and answered to all the questions from MCA and the Community.

Block Ape Scissors uses simple mechanics for farmers to sharpen their tools before heading to the jungle to search for yield. Battle your way to the top to earn unique bonuses to leverage your yield using our innovative personalized game to yield model.

AJ: Hello and thank you to all of our community members who are joining us for this AMA with Block Ape Scissors!

We’re honored to have you here. May we start @CryptoPhoenx

WalletGuardian: Welcome pal

PhoEnix: By all means @ajcrypt0 and thanks for having me here for todays AMA.

AJ: ~ Can you please introduce yourself in few words? What is your background and how did you start crypto?

PhoEnix: Sure thing.

Hey everyone! My name is Matthew and I’m from Australia.

I have a strong background in delivering technical projects and executing creative or bespoke solutions. In my previous corporate roles I was running high profile projects for very large companies.

I’ve been in tech 20 years, so crypto became a native transition for me and I’m a huge believer in blockchain technology for disruption and opening up new business models that empower people.

I started my crypto journey in 2017 when a friend put me onto Ethereum through eToro. Once I understood the value proposition of programmable money, I was hooked!

I’ve known the core team we’ve assembled for Block Ape Scissors for approximately 1–2 months. As someone who has worked a lot in risk management, I was delighted to become acquainted with Dan and Lachie. They’re both straight shooters deliver on their promises.

AJ: ~ How many people are part of the team at the moment? Is it only 3 of you or more?

PhoEnix: We have three core team members and an additional three in the design/development team along with some people who have helped get us where we are today. We’re sorting the rest of the team for the first stage out as we speak. By the end of the week this total should be ten.

AJ: ~ How do you know Dan and Lachie? Since they’re buys with other tasks and can’t attend the AMA, can you please do their introduction to our community?

PhoEnix: Sure thing. So Dan is the CEO of Gift Token and comes to us highly reputable through his work with the Gift Protocol. He’s qualified in Solidity and very experienced. He was one of the only people that said to me what I wanted to do with the ecosystem was possible. Big fan of Mister Dan.

Lachie is a 3D design specialist and graduate Architect with exceptional eye for aesthetics. He created the site for us and will be taking lead on the game design for us. Lachie has a wide skillset for design work and we’re thrilled he’s stepped up to the challenge for us with BAS.

AJ: Thank you. This your first project together, right? Is the team located in the same time zone?

PhoEnix: It’s my first real project with Dan. I’ve assisted in the same team as Lachie before working with Save the World. Dan is in Europe and Lachie and I are both in Australia.

So far I’ve really enjoyed working with them both. Great work ethic and excellent levels of productivity. Attitude is super important and I couldn’t be happier with the team we’ve assembled so far.

I always say, hire attitude, train skills. In this case, we are lucky to have both.

AJ:~ Since we’re at hiring, are looking to expand the team as the project grows?

PhoEnix: Most definitely. We’ve got some large ambitions and once the revenue models kick in there’s many branches to build and create across the ecosystem.

We will build a great team but also source a lot of assistance through the community in conjunction with the DAO operations. We want to involve the community on a grand scale.

AJ: ~ Are you privately doxxed to any company at the moment? I know Dan is.

PhoEnix: Yep. So you know that Dan is already publicly doxxed and we are soon to be releasing our team page on the website which will doxx myself and Lachie.

We have many additional team members coming on board in different capacities, so stay tuned for more updates on our site. We are doxxed to a lot of the community along with organizations such as Trustswap, Gift and Save.

AJ: Awesome! Let’s jump on the tech now for a bit, the most important topic

~ Your project is based on DeFi gamification. Could you tell us more about your concept to start with?

PhoEnix: Definitely.

So, most farms and DeFi projects are simply forks. Some have nice UI’s but at the core they’re purely transactional and quite vanilla.

They lack substance beyond the farms to keep people coming back. For me, the key ingredient here is a marriage between gamification and DeFi to create really awesome products that cultivate a community around fun and interesting consumer behaviors.

One of the best ways to do this is through gaming. It should be quite the experience.

AJ: ~ Can you tell us what is the motivation for players to participate in battles and tournaments? What rewards are waiting for them?

PhoEnix: Apes can battle, play in open games and also tournaments on our platform and this will enable everyone to enjoy these game modes with entry fee using their shitcoins and memecoins. The tournaments and battles themselves are linked to rankings and leaderboards. The higher you reach on those leaderboards, the better the rewards in tokens or NFT’s.

Those NFTs have applications themselves across the platform and allow users all sorts of different benefits.

This applies to the farms, to the game(s) themselves, to merchandise. The applications are actually endless…

AJ: ~ You use “Play to Earn + Earn to Leverage = Play to Leverage” as your slogan. Explain what this means, please?

PhoEnix: Sure. So the concept here is people play the game and earn tokens, NFTs as rewards.

Once those NFTs and tokens are earned, they have the ability to leverage their farm lock-ins with NFT’s to boost their yields in a variety of ways. These apply as modifiers such as extended lock-ins, higher yield or the ability to add more LPs.

So put simply, they play and earn NFT’s (or tokens) and apply them to the farms to leverage their yields.

AJ: ~ So Block Ape Scissors offers a personalized yield farming experience. What about daily percentage yield (DPY). How does that work?

PhoEnix: This is a completely new and unique model for DeFi. We are creating a mechanism that randomises the potential yield that users can receive when they lock-in their LP or SAS. The personalization here is that each random lock-in is different from the other, and everyone can apply NFT modifiers to their farming positions for higher DPY.

WalletGuardian: ~What is going to motivate high apr benefactors to come online and risk losing their rate?

PhoEnix: In most cases, the randomisation will pull from a range that is more like a tail than a pyramid. So it’s more likely to receive a DPY that’s from the lower range of the pool which incentives battling for higher DPY. In the case that you get lucky and get a high DPY lock-in, you’re not going to want to risk battling it. You’ll lock it in and go play tournaments to gain NFT’s to boost that farming position.

WalletGuardian: So often lower DPY receivers will not gain a higher DPY through battling but through other means?

PhoEnix: If you happen to get a lower DPY first off, you would likely proceed to battle someone for a higher DPY that’s likely to be in a similar position. It’s probably valid to address that the farms are connected as an extension, you can play the game by itself without having to battle your DPY. It’s an option if you choose not to accept the lock-in to the farm.

WalletGuardian: Ah so if i’m understanding this correctly — you will enter an arena, with the chance of securing a higher DPY but leave yourself vulnerable to battling someone with a lower DPY — this means you can both gain and lose — and who you battle will be randomised.

PhoEnix: They might not actually battle the DPY (if it’s marginal) and choose to play tournaments and other battle modes to earn NFT’s which can boost the DPY. But, battling directly for DPY will be the fastest way to get a better lock-in rate.

AJ: ~ You also announced a full 3D game on Unreal Engine 4. That sounds very cool. What kind of game will it be and what innovations will it bring to your ecosystem?

PhoEnix: So the game itself is being built with a 3D engine to allow all sorts of in-game environmental behaviors, functions and events to occur during gameplay. In this mode the setting is in a jungle clearing with apes situated around a wooden table engaging in the game with each-other. There’ll be hundreds of in-game assets that relate to your specific character and this can be seen be everyone at the table for interactions and amusement of many forms. It’ll be both a hilarious and immersive experience.

AJ: ~ When will we be able to see the first game up and running?

PhoEnix: We are hoping to have an alpha version in the next 6 weeks depending on how all the gameplay mechanics come together. We really want to have the game operational for the public in August to coincide with all the other big releases in crypto. So the team will be aiming for that. However, we’ll drop teasers and other gameplay shots over time. So stay tuned!

AJ: ~ Can you give us a short summary about the Q3 roadmap?

PhoEnix: There’s quite a bit on there crossing Ape Genesis and Half Ape.

So, we’ll have at least the first iteration of the personalised yield farming model. We’ll have the game in Beta along with version one of the NFT’s which includes some modifiers and some special ingame NFT applications. We are hoping that we can get one of DPY or APE battle mode out along with the tournament modes. Priorities might change according to community sentiment as we progress, so we’ll see which modes everyone wants first when we get closer to finalising the Alpha of the game.

AJ: ~ Are you looking at partnerships at the moment? Do you have any partnerships yet? (we can help you get in touch with many NFT artists)

PhoEnix: Great question. We do already have some partnerships with projects but they have not officially been released, so that’s still under wraps at the moment. We are always looking for partnerships and especially with BSC coins so they can whitelist our contracts to omit the taxes (so their holders can play tax free). Having said this, we welcome partnerships of all forms and many are being worked on at the moment.

We have some great partnerships with influencers that want to get involved with the project and help see it flourish. We are intending to partner with key influencers in future to ensure that we both collaborate and all grow together to see mutual success.

AJ: ❇️ Just a small announcement, I’m part of the marketing team for $BAS and a KOL manager for the project. So if anyone from our telegram group has any suggestions or ideas please feel free to contact me anytime.

PhoEnix: We’re really pleased to be working with you AJ and happy to have you aboard as KOL manager. Excited to see how you carve out the role!

AJ: Thank you for your time @CryptoPhoenx

It was very nice having you here.

Questions from the community

  • Question from @Jamesbinny

“Why did you Choose Blocked APE Scissors? Whats the meaning of that?”
~ Is Block Ape Scissors the equivalent of Rock-paper-scissors?

PhoEnix: Great question here. So the name was chosen and derived from the meaning of rock paper scissors, but it’s blockchain (block), it’s for apes (ape) and then of course, the correlation (scissors). It’s all about the Ape ;)

In a way, yes. In a way, no. It’s a unique application of rock paper scissors to create more innovative mechanics from a zero sum game where previously it was ideal to have only two players compete against each other.

  • Question from @Jamesbinny

“Are those Games Played by Mobile phones also? Or only in PC”

PhoEnix: We will make the game device agnostic so everyone can enjoy the experience :)

  • Question from @LouCrypto28

“So, question, when you lock it in, can you still battle for DPY’s? Or do you first have to “lock it out”? And how frequently can you do that?”

PhoEnix: Once you lock-in you cannot battle for DPY.

You deposit and receive the DPY and if you like it, you lock in.

If you don’t you proceed to DPY Battle mode.

You can have many farm positions at a time. These are separate instances.

You can choose to quit (withdraw) prior to end of lock-in as well, but that will incur a fee for early withdrawal.

  • Question @angelo_btc

“Would you rather take 1million $ today, Or 100k every year for the next 10years?”

PhoEnix: Well that’s an easy one. The million.

But I would put it straight into crypto stables, borrow against it, lend that, borrow, then earn 2–300% each year on the 1million.




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