Arise Finance AMA with Smart Chain Apes

On April 18th Monday, we had over Arise Team Alex and Nathan for an AMA during their pre-sale. They answered our questions precisely and in a very professional way.

Here you will have a Summary of the AMA

AJ: Today’s guests will be joining us from the Arise Finance team!
~ Please join me in welcoming the team! How is it going guys? Busy day today huh?

Arise: “To be honest, we barely slept, especially with all the events going on. The public sale has aired for 8 hours now and we are working with many communities to spread awareness.”

AJ: ~ Can you please introduce us the team behind Arise Finance? How many team members? How do you guys know each other etc…

Arise: “So let’s start with our team. We have 1 core blockchain engineer, 1 advisor, 3 core dev members, & 4 new members including front end & backend, 1 UI UX designer, and 1 community manager. Along with Alex, who is our head of marketing, we worked together to turn our ideas into reality, and Arise Finance is our outcome.
- I’m Alex, Marketing Director of Arise Finance, I have got my first bitcoin in 2017, and converted 95% of my net worth into crypto in 2018, and I decided to go full-time crypto in the last 2 year, we have done several projects related to privacy & blockchain applications. So This year I met Nathan and decided to do something bigger.
- I’m Nathan, been in DeFi for a few years now, and I’m all about building innovative products. My strength lies in my relentless research effort & with a talented dev team behind, I started Arise Finance with the help of Alex. He’s the man of people, and also a very experienced marketer in crypto space so i believe a combination of a good product builder, and a great marketer, would help drive the project forward.”

AJ: ~ Can you introduce us your project? How is Arise Finance different from other projects?

Arise: “Sure. To put it in simple terms, Arise Finance helps you maximize your daily trading, farming, gaming, NFTs & more. The key products that set us aside from other projects on DeFi right now are:

  • Dex aggregators to offer the best rate for traders. (Already Live)
  • Farming with retirement vault: payout in BTC every week. (End of April)
  • Trading chart tool on BSC (the first and only)
  • Farming with NFTs rewards & NFTs golden ticket for any token launch on our platform in the near future.
  • The first ever airdrop mechanism that can help any project keep its value high & sustainable. This will also be applied to Arise Finance for the first time by end of this month

Our main focus is always about the product because it’s the foundation of any project.”

AJ: ~ Have you all KYCd with any known auditors so far?

Arise: “We have agreed to do KYC with Rug Detectives, I believe many of you know him too. The KYC will be finished soon this week.”

AJ: ~ When was your private sale and how much was raised? What’s your goal amount you are aiming for the pre-sale on Unicrypt?

Arise: “It’s interesting that you mentioned it, the private sale. We launched the private sale back in April 10th, and since the community was small then, we only managed to raise 37 BNB after 24 hours. And with the Public Sale on Unicrypt, we are target to raise 100 BNB in soft cap, and 800 BNB in hard cap.”

Unicrypt link for pre-sale

AJ: ~ Why did you decide to switch from BSCstarters to Unicrypt?

Arise: “Unicrypt is a much more decentralized platform where the rule applies for every project. Meanwhile on BSCStarter, it’s kinda centralized in my opinion, where 1 project can get a special treatment compared to others, and all that is decided by the core team.
That’s the reason for our switch.”

AJ: ~ How long the sale on unicrypt will last? Will there be listing right after the sale is ended?

Arise: “It last in 48 hours and more than 36 hours to go. But if we reached hardcap listing will go right after when the sale ended.”

AJ: ~ I know you will have special trading tools. How do you want to improve the hard lives of traders? What features will your project bring for them?

Arise: “I’ve been trading on PancakeSwap for a while now, and what makes me uncomfortable the most is that it’s very hard to see detailed real-time chart. We want something like DexTool on ERC20. And that’s what we are building here. A tool where you can check real time chart of most pairs on BSC, and swap. We believe this will open up huge partnership opportunities as we will be able to provide service to all new projects on BSC. Most of them would love to give real time chart access to their community. And that’s also one of the future utility of ARI. People will need ARI to have access to our real time charts.”

AJ: ~ Your token has a deflationary mechanism, instant yield generation and you want to buyback and burn to maintain value. A serious set. Is it safe to say that you want to make an Evergreen product this way?

Arise: “Haha, evergreen is an interesting way to put it, and yes, long term value is what we want to focus here.
ARI is a Deflationary token not only through buy back & burn by our team but also through the reduction in circulating supply. For every transaction, you must set the slippage to 4%, 2% fee of every ARI transaction will be burnt forever.
That means circulating supply will only go down and liquidity will go up in the future to minimize the impact of whale dumping. Once ARI DEX is launched, the core team will buy back & burn ARI token using the trading fee.”

AJ: ~ Is your Retirement vaults another way to reward active platform users? Will it be possible to earn in Bitcoin or will you convert before distribution?

Arise: “Yes, BTC & NFTs are also among the rewards that stakers on Arise Finance can get. How do we do it?
When users unstake earlier from ARI farm. To ensure sustainable growth of the project, we create a skin-in-the-game mechanism by charging a 10% fee for every unstaking transaction.

10% fee is divided into two part:

5% penalty fee will be used to market buy Bitcoin (BTC) to provide funds for the Retirement funds, and 5% will be sent to the ARI Treasury for prolonged emissions for the vaults and future development.
So that ARI holders will be happy to redeem a portion of the BTC Retirement Fund every week while holding ARI token will highly have a chance to increase in price. And later in May, NFTs will become a part of the rewards too.”

AJ: ~ Your project has NFTs and they will have a utility. What kind of functionality are we talking about? As far as I know NFTs trading platform is also planned. What will it be?

Arise: “Every NFTs of us, are customized designed for ARI members, and our special events.For examples, we had a collection for our community to reward members who joined private sale.
Every collections have it own values, the longer you hold our NFT, the more value you can get. In our first NFTs collections, one member managed to sell 1 rare NFT for 300 BAKE. The value of NFTs from our project will grow along side with the project. Just like the first tweet on Twitter was sold as NFTs for millions of dollars. NFTs market place is also on our roadmap to deliver in the next 2 months. This is the first NFTs created by us, and were used to reward Private Sale participants.”

Here is an example of our NFTs

AJ: ~ You are developing your IDO pad on Arise. There are a lot of Launchpads being started right now. Have you figured out the rules by which users will participate in future launches? Will small investors be able to get to you?

Arise: “Yes we are going to launch our own IDO launchpad, on which users have to hold a bit of our tokens to join the club.
You can say it’s kinda similar to BSCStarter, but also way different because:

- We will keep the minimum holding low to around $100-$200 worth of ARI.

- Once ARI price goes up we will adjust the minimum holding to make sure even small investors can join the launchpad.

Our key focus is to give small investors access to projects that can create them wealth that they have never seen before. But can you agree with me that this is all Binance Smart Chain is about? Low trading fees will allow more traders with small amount of money can join the trading world, and our IDO launchpad with take that vision to another level, giving them access to highly evaluated projects on our platform.”

AJ: ~ I see you’re going to have Swap Aggregator on Arise Finance website. When will that be available for the community?

Arise: “It already is, the product is live and you can check the best rate on the market right now.”

AJ: ~ Is your contract audited? Are you planning any other audtions anytime soon?

Arise: “The contract is already audited by Solidity. You can check it here: Solidity Audit

We will have new audits once new feature is released. And Rug Detectives is our next potential partner.”

AJ: ~ Do you have any partners at the moment? Any new partnerships coming up?

Arise: “Among our key partners, there are:

- Crypto Kyuubi:

- Alexandrus: (accepted our invitation and news are coming soon)

- WendyO: (accepted our invitation and news are coming soon)

- BSC Maximalist:

And many more influencers we are going to work with to increase the exposure to the project. A youtube video from Alexandrus about Arise Finance is also coming soon this week, stay tuned!!!!”

AJ: ~ Everyone wants to know about your short-term Marketing Plans. Can you share with us your marketing strategy?

Arise: “We divide our marketing goals into 2 phases.



- AMA event like this one

- Influencer review

- Youtube videos


ONCE THE PRODUCTS ARE WORKING IN PERFECT CONDITION, we will establish strategic partnership with their communities, which will then increase valuation of our project.

For example, once real time trading chart on BSC is live, we will work with new BSC projects on Pancakeswap, and offer their community exclusive access to our platform for more convenient trading, where they can view chart in real time and make the best trading decision.

To have access to the platform, they will need to hold ARI token, which will then increase the valuation of the project.

And of course, We also focus on building an active community to let them feel free to trial our products and feedback to us to improve the products along the way.”

AJ: Wow, you were very specific on the last question! I won’t make any comments since my opinion is biased lol

I’d like to thank Arise Finance team for joining us today! Thank you for your time.

Links for Arise Finance:






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