• Peaked $2.7 million market cap
  • Surpassed +700 holders (excluding those staked in the smart contracts)
  • Partnered with Apoyield($SOUL), SuperPepeBros(SPB),Olympus Yield ($DUSA) and Passive Income ($PSI) , LIGHTNING protocol and BSCDOG
  • We’ve added 7 new Artists earning Income on Our platform
  • Almost 10 million $DEGENR staked in smart contracts (about 30% of total supply)
  • Over 4 million DEGENR burned (about 1+0% of total supply)
  • Over 5.3 million DEGENR redistributed among holders
  • New Website design as well as New NFT farm UI
  • Over 70 NFT’s sold out
  • More partnerships for NFT farms, this will lead to more tokens staked and less sell pressure
  • More Artists added to DEJUNGLE, we are aiming to have over 1000+ artworks in DEJUNGLE.
  • We are already listed on LiveCoinWatch and Blockfolio, and Yes we’re working on getting us on CoinGecko and CoinMarket cap as soon as possible.
  • DEGENR pairs getting listed on yield farms for those who want to stake and earn tokens instead.
  • Sending out the first batch of physical copy requests.

Questions from the Community

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